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  • 1751 N Walnut Creek Dr, Mansfield, TX 76063
    Phone: 817-473-4406
    Fax: 817-453-8755

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    • Little Dreamers
      $220.00 per week
    • Imagineers
      $185.00 per week
    • Creators
      $175.00 per week
    • Inventors
      $175.00 per week

    School – Age (5 years-12 years old) Must have completed Kindergarten

    • Before/After School
      $100.00 per week
    • Surcharge (Single Day Holidays)
      $15.00 per day extra
    • Full-Time Weeks (Holidays & Summer)
      $155.00 per week

    Additional Fees

    • Initial Registration Fee
    • Supply Fee
      $15.00 (18mo-2yr) $25.00 (3yr-5yr)



    Enrollment Forms

    Tuition Policy:

    All fees are due and must be paid in advance; weekly (every Monday), bi-weekly or monthly (1st Monday of the month). Cash, Check, ACH Draft, Credit/Debit card, and money orders are accepted for payment. Payments by credit/debit card can be made at each of our locations or on-line for a $7.00 service fee.


    We love Walnut Creek Academy. Friendly and helpful faces everywhere you go! I want to give a special “Shout Out ” to Ms. Brooks, my son’s kindergarten teacher. She’s incredible and the amount of knowledge that my son has gained in just a couple months in her classroom is impressive. He’s always excited to go to school in the morning and Ms. Brooks does a wonderful job communicating with us parents. I’m looking forward to see him grow and thrive with such a wonderful teacher by his side. Thank you Ms. Brooks and thank you to all the other great teachers, administration, support staff for doing such a great job with our precious children!

    Eli L

    We love this school!! Our son has been attending since he was 2, and now our daughter goes here as well. Ms. Brooks has been an incredible kindergarten teacher and we have seen extreme growth and improvement in school! We ask him how his day was and every day he is ecstatic and says, “It was great!”

    heather primavera

    We love it here. Ms Vanessa deserves a shout out. She is amazing and is interactive and hands on with my daughters 3 year old class. She always has crafts and makes bible stories come to life. She encourages their imagination and incorporates it into their learning. Cheyenne loves to go to school and is excited to tell me all she learned. We thank God Ms Vanessa stepped in and took over Cheyenne’s class when she saw the need arise. She deserves 5 stars hands down!

    Meagan Railey

    I want to personally give a “Shout Out” to Ashley Lacy! She is always so kind and helpful. She goes above and beyond each and everyday. I honestly dont know how she does it! I wish I had her patience, kind heart and love for working with kids. Great Job Ms. Ashley and keep up the good work!!!!

    Judith Rodriguez

    I would like to give a shout out to Ms. Vanessa! She has stepped in and up to the plate to teach my son’s three yr old class, not an easy task to do! She has made wonderful changes in their classroom and has put some much extra time in making it fun for the kids!! My son loves her and will run to her in the mornings or will even ask for her on the weekends, this alone speaks volumes of how much she loves her students! The fun, loving, and welcoming energy she displays every morning is outstanding and the kids just naturally flock to her! I pray she never leaves! We love you Ms. Vanessa❤!!!

    Brandie Ybarra

    I just want to give a shout out to Mrs. Maritza……..I want you to know how grateful We are to have you as the teacher For our daughter. Your teaching style really engages my daughter and gets her pumped up and excited about learning. It’s wonderful to see her coming home in a very happy mood, with wonderful things to say about you, and eager to share what she’s learned in class that day. I appreciate all of your hard work, and the positive learning environment you provide for your students

    AN B

    We love Miss Maritza! She teaches our son’s 3 year old class. He comes home singing and dancing amd even showing us sign language! I have heard him speak in Spanih too. She is so lovable and sweet. Our kiddo loves her and he has sprouted so much in the few months he has been in her class!!

    Tyson Creations

    Our daughter loves going to school every day and that means the world to us! Ms. Maritza has been an incredible teacher and has really brought out the best in our daughter!

    John B.

    Ms. Vanessa is an Amazing teacher!!! I am so happy she is over my sons class she came in and has made so many amazing changes and my son loves her and so do I my full support goes to her and I hope she never leaves 🙂

    Thank you Ms. Vanessa
    Jerimiahs Mom !!

    Alaquanesia Thomas

    This is a wonderful school and they truly love your kiddos. My son went through a bit of a clingy stage but he was always okay with Mrs. Kay. We all love and appreciate her!

    Stacy S

    My oldest son wanted to share painted pumkins with his favorites. We will miss Ms. Karla. Thank you Ms. Michelle and Ms. Masheka for taking care of my boy while I am gone. He loves you all.

    Lindsey Threadgill

    My older children attend the primary school at WCA, the staff are soooooo amazing! They always have the best holiday activities for families, i cannot wait for my youngest to get to kindergarten age so i can enroll him too!!

    Susan King

    I cant wait until my boys are in Kindergarten, we will definitely enroll them to this amazing school!

    Jennifer Crawford

    Ms . Maritza is so kind and care for our son.
    he loves her so much.

    PJ Insurance Services

    Amazing school, small classroom sizes, great teachers, great admin staff and just amazing pricing! Couldn’t ask for more!

    Sammie Brown

    My son really loves Mrs Tenku. She really cares about her students and does a great job communicating with the parents.

    Courtney Valero

    Mrs. Tenku (1st grade teacher) is the best!! My daughter loves her class. Mrs. Tenku is wonderful and makes every student feel special like they were her own children. My daughter enjoys going to school and enjoys learning because of her. Thank you Mrs. Tenku!!

    Jesy Johns

    Our kiddos absolutely love WCA! Ms. Tanku and Ms. Angelica are amazing. Both of our kiddos have thrived in that learning environment and I am grateful for the faith based learning. I also really like that I can drop and pick-up both kiddos from one location. 🙂 I highly recommend WCA for pre-school, after care and primary school.

    M Short

    Mrs. Tarryne is highly skilled at working with the 3-4 year olds. She balances high expectations with fun and the children rise to the occasion! The reason this is a 4 is because Mrs. Tarryne is leaving us!

    Johnoson Crutchfield

    My daughter is new to Texas and new to a bigger school, and it helps to have the structure in Mrs. Tarryne’s room. It’s helped her really get adjusted to everything new. Thanks Mrs. Tarryne!

    Jandel Crutchfield

    Amazing staff and great location! They put so much work into each and every child ensuring they learn all they can out of the curriculum.

    Veronica Kilpatrick

    My children have been attending this school since the fall. I transferred them here from the company’s other center Imagine Nation Learning Center (down the street) because my son was able to go to the private school offered at Walnut Creek Academy. I have transitioned my children between 4 of the corporation’s schools over the course of 8 years as my career has changed and moved me about the southern part of the DFW metroplex because I love the values of the corporation and feel extremely comfortable with the company as a whole. The Christian values and faith based curriculum is very important to us. My children have loved all of their teachers and look forward to seeing them and I know my children are not the only ones who feel that way, judging by the interactions I witness at drop off and pick up. Greatly recommend parents to look into having their child attend this school.

    **Additional Review: I wanted to write a review on the Everley Rose Center which is the infant building for this school, but i couldn’t find it in the search. My baby had to go to that building for a couple months until she turned 3 and could move to the Academy side. The small cozy atmosphere of the building is great and it always smells so nice! (Which is saying something for a building with so many diapers in it, haha!)

    Jessica Day

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