6 Creative Ways to Recreate Summer Camp Activities

May 11, 2020

Each summer camp differs from one another but all offer many benefits to children. Summer camp is an excellent venue for discovering new hobbies and interests as well as learning new skills. It’s where young kids get opportunities to boost their social and emotional skills, build a sense of independence and confidence, and sharpen their mental abilities. But what if, for some reason, your little one won’t be able to join this year’s summer camp? There are several ways you can recreate summer camp activities at home.

Play some field games

Who says field games can only be enjoyed in summer camps? Put your game face on and unleash your competitive spirit by playing field games such as scavenger hunt or tug of war!

It’s okay to be a little competitive. After all, summer camps also encourage healthy and friendly competition. So, if you have some space in your backyard, put it to good use by grabbing the whole family for some good old fun field games!

Have a cabin night

Because summer camps are also about creating projects and masterpieces, why not plan an evening activity that requires everybody’s cooperation to come up with a project? Whether it’s a huge jigsaw puzzle, making DIY home decor or painting terracotta pots, there are plenty of projects you can create together for a productive and fun night! Not only is this an excellent way to keep your little one busy and entertained. But this is also a perfect way to bond and connect with your children. 

Cook a favorite camp meal

There will always be that one special meal that makes summer camps nostalgic for kids. Recreate that special dish at home with your little one. Gather the ingredients and start getting busy in the kitchen! Invite your child to help you out and teach them how the dish is prepared and cooked. Assign them simple tasks, too, to encourage their involvement. This way, they get to learn a thing or two about cooking and at the same time, be able to enjoy a nice summer camp meal later on!

Make tie-dye shirts

A favorite keepsake for every summer camp, tie-dye shirts are something you can’t miss! These are a fool-proof craft created during summer camp programs for years and even decades!

Because creating tie-dye shirts can be a bit messy, it would be best to do this outdoors. Find a spot you can turn into a textile design center. Ready the shirts you’ll be working on, the dye of your preference and other materials you’ll be needing. Show your little one the steps on how it’s done and let them do it on their own with your supervision. After all, there’s no such thing as “doing it wrong” when making tie-dye shirts because there’s really no specific pattern you’ll need to strictly follow. Just be sure to clean up afterward and ask for help from your child. 

Enjoy a mini ice cream social

Another fun activity kids love during summer camps is having an ice cream while doing a meet-and-greet with their fellow campers. Recreate your own ice cream social at home by getting the kids their favorite ice cream flavor and encouraging them to talk about their favorite summer camp experience. Add a twist and make it even more special by topping their ice cream with sprinkles, syrup, or fruit. 

Create arts and crafts

Summer vacation is an excellent time for your little one to channel their inner artist by creating arts and crafts. Let your little one tap into their imagination and create a masterpiece from scratch. Provide them with the materials they need and make sure they’re kid-friendly. Also be sure to supervise, especially when it comes to using sharp objects such as scissors. Once they’re done with their project, find a nice spot where their masterpiece can be displayed. 

Whether or not your kids are able to join a summer camp this year, there are plenty of ways to  give them a great summer experience and you can do it in the comfort of your home with the help of these ideas!

For more helpful parenting tips and resources or if you’re looking for the best quality childcare center, please feel free to visit Everley Rose Center.


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