How to Host Virtual Playdates for your Kids

March 27, 2020

Social skills are one of the most important skills young kids need to develop. These skills are essential for creating and maintaining relationships.

Some of the ways in which kids build social skills are by making friends, initiating conversations, and learning how to get along with others.

To learn and nurture social skills, children have to be given adequate opportunities to socialize and interact with other kids. And playdates are a perfect venue to make that happen.

Things like illness, distance, or even extreme weather can make it difficult or impossible to have traditional playdates. When getting kids together in person is not an option, how do parents make sure their kids don’t feel isolated?

There are several ways your child can continue to enjoy playdates and maintain friendships despite the distance. Read on to learn how!

Have them enjoy a group sing-along online

Does your little one enjoy singing along to their favorite cartoon soundtrack?

Let them enjoy singing along with their friends through a video call! Put on the video and play it in the background while they sing along with their friends. Give them a free hand in choosing the songs.

Don’t forget to document these precious moments as they sing at the top of their lungs and dance to the beat of the songs!

Set up a virtual playdate

The internet has made a lot of things in our lives easy and more convenient. This includes staying connected with people near or far.

Leverage this very useful resource not only to keep your child occupied but to further foster their social skills.

There are plenty of platforms on the internet your little one can use to stay connected with their friends. Some examples include Facetime, Marco Polo, WhatsApp, Zoom, and a lot more!

Whether they want to have a one-on-one chat with a classmate or they want to have the remote playdate with a bigger group wouldn’t really matter. The goal here is to let them have some digital time so that they can continue to interact with their friends.

Their virtual playdate is a perfect way to resemble an actual playdate. They don’t necessarily have to keep on chatting or talking. They can simply sit in silence and enjoy their toys individually, they can read books or play simple games. What matters is they don’t feel alone and isolated.

Watch the same show or movie

When they can’t go to the cinema for some fun movie time, you can still let them watch shows or movies at home and do it with their friends!

Thanks to Netflix and other online video platforms, we still have a way to hang out together and bond over movies.

Schedule a night for when your child can enjoy a movie night with their friends. Host a video conference and let them watch the movie of their choice from a computer. You can either play the movie on one of the computers and do screen-sharing or let them watch simultaneously so that everybody’s on the same page.

Make it more fun and exciting by letting them grab their favorite snacks like popcorn or french fries!

Host a game night

Who says we can’t have some fun games with friends from afar? Even if your kids aren’t in the same room, they can still unleash their competitive spirit by playing group games remotely.

There are plenty of  kid-friendly game applications designed for this setup. Several platforms can be leveraged by kids to play games ranging from easy to challenging. These include board games, puzzles and other games that aren’t only fun but also brain-stimulating.

Another excellent option is video games they can play on platforms like Xbox Live or Nintendo Online. Let your child take their pick and have the game night scheduled once a week on a weekend, perhaps. This will help reduce the anxiety of not being able to leave the house as they have something exciting to look forward to. 

Even when circumstances prevent us from seeing and bonding with the people we hold dear, it doesn’t mean friendships and connections have to stop. Keep the connections alive and leverage the internet for staying in touch.

For more tips and helpful guides through your parenting journey, or if you’re looking for the best quality early childhood education for your little one, please visit Everley Rose Center.


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