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  • The first center in North Texas to focus solely on infant and toddlers. 
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    • Little Dreamers
      $220.00 per week
    • Explorers
      $210.00 per week
    • Discoverers
      $200.00 per week
    • Imagineers
      $185.00 per week


    I am having such a positive experience here. I feel confident that my little one is in good hands and everyone has been so sweet to her and me. This has been my first experience with childcare since my first one was cared for by family members and I’m so happy I chose Everley Rose to be the home away from home for my child. I feel assured that my little is well cared for and anytime something small pops up they are very attentive and have taken care of whatever needs I have asked. Love them!

    Erica Pabalate

    I recently moved to the area and was looking for daycare for my 10 month old son. I was looking for a safe, clean, and friendly environment. A friend had recomenned Everley Rose Learning Center to me and I could not be more satisfied with their facility. My son has attended for 3 months now and loves it here. I was looking for a facility that was much more than just a daycare, but a place where my son was able to learn. Within the 3 months he has been here, he has started walking, learning sign language, and can identify different shapes and colors. His teacher and the staff are amazing! The staff here keeps you up to date on the progress of your child and they takes the time to get to know their students. If you are looking for a place for your child, I highly recommend Everley Rose Learning Center.

    Tiffany K

    My family’s experience with Everley Rose has been honestly exceptional! Dropping off our infant for the first time was more than nerve racking, lots of uncertainly, wanting the best for our child, etc. Our child started at Everley Rose as an infant and is now two. Needless to say they have been great, very informative, helping with the transition from class to class, and curriculum has met expectations. We have had great teachers; Micah the Director of Everley Rose is outstanding along with Ms. Kay in charge of infants. We are grateful our child is in good hands.

    Michael Whitmarsh

    Everley Rose is our home away from home. I put my son in this daycare/learning center when he was 10 weeks old and continue to attend at 2 1/2 years old. We have recommended to a couple friends as well. Miss Micah has been more than nice to us and I have always felt that she treated us like her family. This is the kind of feeling I love to have about a place my child spends most of his weekdays. His current teacher, Miss JaeSea has been an absolute blessing to us. We went through a rough time where we just weren’t sure how to get my wild, rambunctious son to quick acting out and getting himself in trouble. After several phone calls, conferences and working together with Miss JaeSea and Miss Micah, we have now figured out what works best for us and him. He is now a lot more well behaved and spends his days staying busy learning and trying to help anyone that will let him. I’m so blessed to have such caring staff want to work with us to help him be a better student. Many people would have written him off as a “bad kid” which would have been very discouraging. I will forever be grateful to Everley Rose Infant and Toddler Center. 🙂

    Whitney Gideon

    We enrolled my daughter at Everley Rose when I went back to work after maternity leave. She was in Ms. Kay’s infant room and was so well taken care of each day. Ms. Kay hardly ever missed a day and my daughter grew to love her so much. When my daughter had to promote classes, she went to Ms. Maria and Ms. Martha’s class and those ladies were just as precious and loving towards her. At this point my daughter was old enough to have separation anxiety. She did not want many people other than myself, including family members. Every morning though, she would willingly go to Ms. Maria and/or Ms. Martha. She is now in the toddler room with Ms. Jaesea and Ms. Nada, and I love the structure and stability that she has in her classroom. She loves on the children and also teaches them many life/social skills. My daughter is learning about shapes, letters, numbers, etc. Throughout our years at Everley Rose, Ms. Micah, the director has been absolutely wonderful. She is a favorite of my daughter’s as well. These ladies have made such a positive impact on my daughter’s life that she still knows them, loves them, and wants to see them daily. In the mornings she visits with Ms. Micah and sometimes goes back to Ms. Kay for a visit as well. They are her second family and they will always hold a special place in my momma heart. The best feeling is knowing how safe and loved your child is while you can’t be with them during the day. I will never be able to express my gratitude for Ms. Micah, Ms. Kay, Ms. Martha, Ms. Maria, Ms. Jaesea, and Ms. Nada.

    Sarah Campbell

    Everley Rose has been such a great choice for our family. When searching for a child care center while pregnant, Everley Rose was highly recommended to us. I dreaded the day I had to leave my baby girl in the infant room at 3 months; however, Ms. Micah and Ms. Kay helped to ease my fears. They are the sweetest, most accommodating team. They put up with mine and my husbands constant call check-ins and all with the friendliest attitude. We look forward to the daily updates on our girl and know that she is being well taken care of. We can tell she enjoys her time with both Ms. Kay and Ms. Teagan, her little face lights up when she sees either of them. That is the best feeling to a new-ish momma…to know your baby is not only ok–but is having a good time while we are away is truly priceless. Thanks for loving our girl!!

    Leah P

    My son has been going to Everley Rose since he was 3 months old and we could not be happier with the care he recieves. It is incredibly hard to leave your baby with someone else but Everley Rose makes it as easy as possible. Even when I was pregnant and touring daycares Mrs. Micah made me feel right at home. When I walked in I instantly knew this was the place for me and my family! Our son is now almost 18 months old and we love to see the friends he has made in his classroom as well as all of the skills he has learned like sign language and knowing how to put his own toys away. The teachers he has had have been wonderful. Ms. Kay in the infant classroom and now Ms. Savannah. They all truly care about his well being and it gives me so much comfort to know how well loved he is.

    Courtney White

    While on maternity leave i was in search of a daycare that i could trust to care for my child and for a decent price. I was recommended by a friend to come check out Everly Rose and I’m glad i did. My daughter has been going to Everly Rose since she was 3 months old and now she is 2 1/2 and i couldn’t be happier. Ms. Micah gets to know you, treats you like family and listens to everything you have to say, whether it be a question or a concern she is there to listen and give feedback and gets the problem solved if there ever is one. She’s by far is the absolute best director and I’m so glad she has come into our lives. I don’t worry when i drop my child off every morning because i know she is under great care. Soon my second child will be attending Everly Rose in the infant room as a 3 month old and she will have the same teacher that my other child did when she first started attending so i have no worries on the care that she will receive.

    Rachel Browning

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