Discoverers - Toddlers (18 – 24 months)

At Windsor Montessori, we’re firm believers in nurturing a child’s sense of independence. And there’s nothing more independent than a toddler at this age. Our Discoverers program is designed to not only encourage their newfound sense of self determination but to guide them gently towards new discoveries, new experiences and new challenges.

But with those challenges comes new emotions. Late stage toddlers have learned to assert themselves and can often be surprised at how they can articulate their feelings. Feelings which are no longer strange to them. Our teachers are trained to guide them through these bumpy roads and help them learn how to express themselves positively and productively.

Toddlers at this age need all the creative stimulation they can get. And our Discoverers program is as much focused on creative expression as it is learning. There’s plenty of hands on activities designed to both enlighten, inform and nurture your child’s creative spark in a positive and proactive way.

Each daily report we provide for you will update you on their learning in addition to meals, naps, toilet training and daily activities.

What Can You Expect From Our Late Toddler Curriculum?

  • Our Frog Street Curriculum© program for toddlers is the foundation for all our classroom activities and lesson plans. For toddlers, we’ve developed an intensive plan of interactive learning games that encourage early childhood education through play.
  • The Beginner’s Bible is our introductory biblical curriculum, combining interactive songs of worship, biblical stories and hands-on activities designed to instill an early understanding of the gospels in children.
  • Hands-on activities encouraging creativity, exploration and problem solving.
  • A personalized focus on positive self expression and self esteem.
  • Personalized activities designed to boost self-certainty and confidence.
  • Sign language to continue to help strengthen early communication skills.

A Guide To Late Toddler Development

Here’s some of the specific achievements you might expect from your toddler at this age. Our staff are trained to look for and notify parents when these achievements are met. Keep in mind that each toddler develops at their own pace, so don’t expect this to be anything more than a rough guideline:


  • Climbing up and down from furniture without assistance (16-24 months)
  • Learning to catch or throw a ball (18-24 months)
  • Walking up and down stairs with assistance (18-24 months)


  • Building a tower of four blocks or more (20-24 months)

Language Development

  • Pointing to an object when prompted (18-24 months)
  • Recognizing names of people or objects (18-24 months)
  • Using complex sentences of two or more words (18-24 months)

Cognitive Development

  • Demonstrating an increased sense of independence (18-24 months)
  • Mimicking the behavior of others (18-24 months)
  • Beginning to sort by shapes and colors (20-24 months)
  • Showing enthusiasm towards other children (20-24 months)
  • Playing make-believe (20-24 months)

Frog Street Curriculum, Beginners Bible Curriculum and Baby Sign Language. Click here for more specifics about these programs.