8 Ways to Make Studying Fun for Kids

November 24, 2019

One of the many dilemmas parents face  is motivating their children to study. It can be easy to understand  why some kids don’t enjoy studying. They may not find it particularly  fun and exciting to bury their noses in the pages of a book. Time spent studying may seem dragging and boring or even mind-boggling.  If you have been struggling with encouraging your child to study and learn, you are not alone. However, forcing your child to study may no longer be necessary because there are several ways to make studying exciting and fun for kids! Read on below.

Determine why your child doesn’t like studying

If your child dislikes studying, it’s usually for a reason.  More often than not, this behavior has underlying reasons and as a parent, it’s important that you understand why your little one is resistant to studying. Take time to observe if there is anything distracting your child from studying. Is he or she distracted by gadgets and electronic devices, or by family dynamics? Or is your child  having difficulty with a specific subject? 

Also, be sure to talk to children ask how everything is going  at school. Find out about which subjects they may find challenging,  what they are struggling with, and determine if they need help with anything. 

Set goals

One of the reasons why kids may have trouble studying is because they don’t understand the purpose. They’d rather choose activities that are more fun and appealing like hanging out with friends or playing video games. What’s exciting about solving a math problem, anyway?

However, as a parent, part of your role is to help your little one find value in their academics by helping them set goals. Ask them about their dreams and have discussions about what they want to be when they grow up. No matter what they aspire to be, make them understand why academic success is key to making their dreams come true.

Create an environment conducive to studying

Studying will be easier and more pleasant if you create the environment at home that’s conducive to studying. Is your child’s study area cozy and quiet enough? Is it free of distractions? Does your child have the tools they need to complete schoolwork?

Keep in mind  that your child may need your help, especially with more difficult subjects. Make sure you’re nearby  lend a hand when needed. Don’t forget to provide delicious snacks, too. Learning is more challenging if your child is hungry.

Make illustrations

There are times when kids may have trouble grasping certain concepts. Help your little one gain a better understanding of the subject matter by drawing pictures and illustrations. Not only does this make learning fun, but it’s also an excellent way to help kids essential information. 

Take breaks

While the time spent for studying is important, your little one needs breaks, too. It’s not realistic to expect that children absorb everything they’re reading in two hours straight. Kids need to  take breaks in between tasks for effective learning and easier retention of information. Let your child get up for a few minutes and do something fun and relaxing, such as dancing along to their favorite music or playing a quick game. 

Turn studying into a fun game

Who says kids can’t play while studying? Since kids love to play games, it’s a great idea to turn studying into an exciting playtime! Make it a fun learning experience for your child. Look for some games you can incorporate into  study time, such as Jeopardy. Think outside the box and be creative. The sky’s the limit!

Be encouraging

Some parents make the mistake of putting too much pressure on their child when it comes to studying. It’ll make them hate studying even more.  Be mindful of your attitude when approaching your child’s study habits. Watch your words and your tone while still guiding and helping your child.  You can’t force learning. Let your child develop a passion for learning and let it happen naturally. 

Celebrate your child’s wins

Celebrating your child’s achievements is an excellent way to motivate him or her to study more. Consider giving rewards every now and then, and don’t forget to recognize every win – no matter how big or small. 

Learning is something that should never be forced but is something that children can enjoy. Make studying fun for kids by using these tips!

Here at Everley Rose Center, we offer programs designed to fuel children’s lifelong love for learning. Please feel free to give us a call for more information. 


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