7 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Daycare

September 26, 2019

A major transition in any child’s life is the day that they go to daycare for the first time. It is natural as a parent to want this event to go as smoothly as possible. Do you know how you can prepare your child for daycare? Let’s take a look at several steps you can take that will make this a positive experience for you and your child.

Bring Your Child for a Visit

Bringing your child to visit the daycare before their first day is a great idea. You want them to feel as comfortable as possible in their new surroundings. If they have a playground, ask the teachers if they will let you take your child to play outside. On their first day, if they already recognize their teachers and the space around them, they won’t feel as awkward. If you can visit with your child more than once, that would be even better.

Create a Checklist

What you pack for your child depends entirely on their age, and what your daycare is providing and not providing for them. For example, don’t forget to pack several changes of clothes if you have a baby. Diapers, wipes and bottle supplies or breast milk are a must for younger children, of course.

For nap time, most daycare need you to provide a sheet and blanket for the child’s napping quarters. It is a good idea to make yourself a checklist in the beginning so that you don’t forget anything.

Bring an Item of Comfort

Most parents can tell you exactly what this means for their child. Some children favor a particular stuffed animal. Others may be attached to an item like a blanket or another soft toy. This item of comfort will be something that reminds them of home and helps them sleep better during nap time.

Communicate with Honesty

If your child is old enough to understand, do yourself a favor and don’t spend every day leading up to their first day telling them how great and perfect life in daycare is going to be. Avoid trying to “hype up” your child too much, as they are likely to see through it. Instead, try to talk with them about the events they will experience throughout their day, if you can find out about that from your daycare ahead of time.

Make Schedule Adjustments Now

Speaking of their schedule, find out what time your child will be eating, sleeping and playing when they go to daycare. It is a great idea to change their schedule to match these times now, so that when they attend daycare, the schedule will feel very natural to your child.

Don’t Rush It

Give yourself plenty of time to get you and your child ready for the first week of daycare. This is because children can feel when we are rushed, and this nervous energy often transfers through to them. The idea is that they need to be as relaxed as possible before heading to their new surroundings.

Say Goodbye Without Coddling or Lingering

Are you feeling sad or nervous about your child’s reaction when it is time to tell them goodbye for the day? If you have a sad look in your eyes, and you linger around, your child is likely to pick up on this and feel sad about it as well. Experts recommend giving your child a quick and confident goodbye. If your child begins to cry, logically it becomes difficult for you to just walk away.

However, if you stick around, your child is likely to think they might be able to convince you to stay with more screaming and crying. Most of the time, children will calm down shortly after their parents leave. If you are concerned, you can always ask the daycare to give you a call if the child is still crying after 30 minutes has passed.


You can do it! You are a great parent and your child knows it. They will especially feel safe and loved if you have chosen the right daycare for them. Everley Rose Center is waiting to hear from you. Their team of friendly and dedicated caregivers will make you feel at ease to allow them to care for your children. Contact Everley Rose Center today!

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