6 Toddler Sleep Training Methods Every Parent Can Use

July 11, 2020

The importance of sleep in growing kids, especially toddlers, cannot be overstated. Good quality sleep is vital to a toddler’s physical, as well as mental, development. It is during sleep that growth hormones are produced. Adequate sleep also boosts a child’s learning, memory and concentration, and reduces the risk of obesity and behavioral problems. But while sleep is an indispensable part of a child’s healthy development, putting our toddlers to sleep can be easier said than done. This is where effective sleep training methods come in. 

If your toddler’s sleeping habits have been wearing you out, know that you’re not alone. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a list of helpful sleep training methods you can use to help your little one love sleep.

Enforce boundaries early on

When it comes to sleep training toddlers, enforcing boundaries should be coupled with discipline. Because you will be instilling new and healthy sleep habits, begin this step by being specific with the sleep time rules or boundaries you need your little one to follow. For example, determine early on how nap refusals or sleep disruption in the middle of the night will be handled. Then, be sure to stick to these rules to help your child comprehend what boundaries look like.

Create a bedtime routine

Established and consistent routines usually work well with young kids. Help your toddler sleep by creating a predictable schedule or routine. If you haven’t done this yet, now is the best time to start.

One of the things you can do to get them ready for bed is to have them take a nighttime bath. This will make them feel fresh and relaxed at the same time. Have them brush their teeth, get into a comfortable pair of pajamas, and have quiet time. Put toys and electronics away and discourage play at this point. 

Optimize their schedule

Sometimes, sleep problems in toddlers are a result of unhealthy sleep habits and schedules. Pay attention to their nap schedules. It’s not enough to let them take a nap at any time of the day or they may end up sleeping too late or having too few hours of sleep at night. 

Is your child’s nap time too long? Do they sleep too late in the day? If you’re having a problem with them waking up too early in the morning, make sure bedtime isn’t too early either.

Pay close attention to your child’s sleep schedule and make adjustments to make it work for their sleep training.

Reward them for progress

Periodic rewards for progress is a great idea to reinforce good habits when sleep training your toddler. For example, you can create a chart to record your child’s bedtime routine. Give them a sticker to put on the corresponding days they went to bed on time and a prize as soon as they earn a specific number of stickers. 

Camp out with them

One of the things that parents have difficulty dealing with is sending their toddlers to their own bed. Young kids certainly don’t find the transition easy because they usually don’t feel comfortable being alone. To make the transition easy and smooth, it’s a great idea to camp out in their room for a few nights before finally letting them be on their own. 

Do this for a few nights until they begin to feel comfortable in their own bed. Once there is progress, you can transition to staying in a chair until they fall asleep instead of sleeping over for the entire night. 

Remain consistent

The key to effective sleep training is consistency. As soon as you start establishing sleep boundaries and rules, it is vital that you remain consistent. Although it may be tempting at times to give in to their demands to bend the rules, don’t. It may be tough at first, but being firm in enforcing your sleep training rules will eventually pay off. 

Sleep training toddlers can be frustrating. But with the right approach and methods, you and your toddler will be able to overcome sleep problems in no time!

For more parenting tips or if you’re looking for the best childcare center for your little one, please visit Everley Rose Center.


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