6 Benefits of Enrolling your Child in a High-Quality Childcare

September 15, 2019

Whether you’re a busy parent looking for a place to leave your child while you’re at work or you simply want to provide your little one the social interaction they need, daycare or preschools are a viable option. Enrolling your child in a high-quality childcare center has shown a number of proven benefits. Besides the opportunity to develop their social skills, it is also an excellent venue for learning the fundamentals of academics. So if you have considered a daycare or preschool for your child, there’s no need to feel guilty at all.

Read on and learn about the exciting benefits of sending your child to a high-quality childcare center.

It prepares young kids for school

One day, your little one is a tiny little infant you hold in your arms and in the blink of an eye they’ve grown up to be this imaginative, creative, and curious child. They are ready to see more of what the world has to offer. No matter how much you want time to stand still, they will grow up and leave the nest for school. 

To help both of you prepare for school, consider sending them to a childcare center. A high-quality childcare is an excellent venue for developing young learners. A 2016 study has found that children who attended formal childcare programs have a better foundation in math and reading. This is due to a formal introduction and training for academics that increase their readiness for future academic learning.

It teaches them better behavior

Young kids are usually difficult to tame. It is during a child’s first few years that they tend to misbehave as they exercise freedom and independence. However, enrolling your child in good quality childcare can help manage these behavioral tendencies. In daycare or preschool, children’s emotional and social skills are honed and developed. They are given fun learning activities and opportunities to learn prosocial behaviors. 

It improves their communication skills

Because high-quality childcare offers a great opportunity for kids to socialize, it also develops them to become better communicators. In a daycare center, young kids get the chance to interact with other children on a daily basis. They get the chance to play with them and talk to them. Therefore, they eventually learn to adjust their speech based on who they interact with. The more social exposure they get, the more efficient they become in terms of communicating. 

It teaches them about routine

Attending formal school, later on, will mean that your child will have to get used to following a strict schedule and routine. Children can learn routines and maintain a regular schedule by attending daycare or preschool. They may not know how to read the clock at their age but they can learn about the concept of time by following a sequence of activities at the daycare.

Some of the tasks and activities they’ll follow include playing games, storytelling, singing, eating and napping. Some parents worry that sending their kids to a childcare center may make them grow up too fast, but that’s not the case. 

It boosts their social and emotional skills

Social skills are one of the most important skills young kids need to learn at a young age. A childcare center provides a perfect opportunity for them to do so. It isn’t enough that children interact with the family members and other people and adults at home. They need to learn how to interact and mingle with other kids, too. A high-quality childcare center helps make that happen. 

Because daycare centers and preschools facilitate a wide range of kid-friendly activities, young kids get to learn how to work both individually as well as in groups with other kids. They get to establish friendships and learn how to deal with and resolve conflicts – all of which are crucial to their holistic growth and development. 

It makes the transition to kindergarten easier

Comparing to early childcare centers, kindergarten has a more structured schedule in terms of their daily activities. This means that kids who attend daycare or preschool find it easier to adjust in kindergarten. This is besides the fact that high-quality childcare introduces routines and basic academics to youngsters. But it also gives the parents the chance to be involved in their child’s education before they even start formal schooling.

Your child deserves nothing but the best. Be sure to send them to a school that offers the best quality childcare – Everley Rose Center.


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