4 Healthy Habits Every Parent Needs to Teach their Children

January 12, 2020

Healthy habits create in your child a positive attitude toward activities that may otherwise not be as enjoyable for them had they not been used to doing it while they are young. Teaching children to embrace these healthy habits early in life can provide huge benefits for their health and overall well-being as they grow and become adults. It teaches them to become responsible for themselves and encourages independence at a young age. As parents, our role is to serve as a guide to inspire and support our children as they work through developing these habits. Here are five healthy habits that you can teach your child to develop.

Make Reading a Habit

Although young kids may not be equally as savvy as you in reading until they start to learn it in school, making a habit of reading can start at a young age. This can be in the form of a bedtime story or even just by being in the same room as your child while you’re reading quietly. Kids easily emulate what their parents do. Putting value in reading within your household can lead to your children picking up the habit for themselves. With technology taking over our lives, readers are now a rare gem. Promoting a habit of reading can hone not only your child’s reading and comprehension, but also enrich their imagination and boost their brain power. That’s way too many benefits to pass up on. 

Enjoying Meal Preparation

In an ideal world, we all have the time to carefully select the ingredients–from the plants we grew in our nifty backyard–and prepare our home cooked meals. From preparation, to serving and sitting down for a meal, we don’t rush. These moments are meant to be enjoyed with our loved ones. 

But life isn’t as glamorous as a cooking show on a food channel. Not everybody has time to prepare their own meals. Let alone take time to be so picky about what to eat. And that’s what take-out and food deliveries are for. Yes they are convenient. But home-cooked meals are healthier. And nothing beats that stew that your mom used to make! Teach your child to make a habit of eating healthy by emphasizing the value of meal preparation. Use colorful vegetables to encourage your child to eat healthy meals. You can also use this time as an opportunity to bond with each other, teach cooking tips and tricks and share a love for the recipe your mom passed down.

Good Oral Hygiene

If there’s one thing to put a lot of focus on in terms of building healthy habits, oral care should top the list. That involves flossing, brushing teeth, regular visits to the dentist, and eating fewer sweets. Brushing should be paid particular attention, especially when your children are still small and can’t do it on their own yet. Training toothpastes are available for kids to make brushing a pleasurable experience for your child. You can encourage your child to start brushing on their own as soon as they turn seven or eight. 

Exercise for a healthy body

Staying active through sports or exercise is a healthy habit that best begins in childhood. At this point you may already be aware of the influence you have on your child—their manners, their habits, behavior and the way they speak. As such, the most effective way to train your child is to lead a healthy lifestyle by starting the habit yourself. You can either find time to run around the block with your child each morning or watch and dance to a fitness workout video on tv. Or enroll them in various sports activities during the weekend. 

As long as you have the right attitude and eyes set on the goal, forming healthy habits in your child is not as daunting as it seems. Remember that whichever method works for you and your child is okay. As long as you are willing and consistent in doing follow up, these healthy habits will soon stick with your child. 

Ready to take the next step for your child? Everley Rose Center has a team of staff that is effectively trained to bring out the best in your kids, allowing them to achieve their full potential in a safe and nurturing environment. Call us at 1-817-225-6831 or visit everleyrose.com to learn more!


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